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A major aspect of building a successful business is following principles and guidance laid by others who have passed through and by reason of the result effected from it, has been ascertained to be effective and worthy to be taught.

Growing a business can come with various ups and downs. In fact, one is vulnerable at the start to make certain blunders which may or may not greatly affect the business. But in all of these, there are some things one is expected to avoid.

There are so many mistakes advised to be avoided in business and it varies from one to another but here are selected 4 seasoned mistakes all entrepreneurs should avoid.

Thinking all works like magic.

This is a very deadly thought and it sometimes hinder growth in a potential brand. It is pertinent to understand that life and all that is in it is a process. As much as a tree does not grow in a day, even in months. It takes time for a seed to grow before it starts producing fruits. During this process, there are some certain practices which are required such as watering, pruning to enable the tree grow as normal. Likewise, the process which are required to sustain a brand is not one-time off but a continuous practice of certain guidelines and practices. Progress over perfection should be the trademark every brand should have. Set goals for your brand but do not expect so much that it weighs you down. Time is all it requires. Give it time and let it grow.

Trying to do it all alone

I know it is your brand. Yes, I agree with you, it is your business. Oh, yea, it is your lifetime investment. Cut if off. Going on with this mentality of doing things yourself, in your own way and manner is dangerous to your brand and even to your mental health. There might be a feeling of “nobody can do it better than I do” and as a result of this, you put yourself in a situation where you are so occupied trying to solve everything. And doing this can be extremely overwhelming and you wouldn’t have the chance to face those things which really matter to the growth of your brand.  The truth is every successful entrepreneurs know that they can’t do it alone. You need people. You need a team. Ask for help when needed. “One person can do one thousand, two can do two thousands and vice versa.

Given to many counsels.

Okay. Here we are. The reason why there are stagnancy in some business is because they are unstable. Getting different advices from different people on certain areas of your business can be very unhealthy to your brand. If you choose to follow person A advice today, and then follow person B advice tomorrow, it will eventually not lead you anywhere. Or if you have been following person C counsels and at some point, you probably came across person F counsels and you felt it’s worth trying and at the process, you came across another and you keep changing your methods and practices, this might tell on the development of your brand. Don’t be greedy for quick counsels for quick result. Get a mentor/coach and be stable.

Not giving to your brand.

You could possibly be asking “what is this again”?. Yea, give to your brand. Giving is an act that should be extended to your business. You may want to ask how? I’ll explain. Think of your brand as a person. So, in this form, how can you give to a person? There are several ways to do this; it could be monetary, resources, time, energy, investment etc. All this helps man in every way. As man is expected to invest in himself to enjoy growth. So also, there should be this act of investing in your brand which allows it to continuously grow and flourish. Don’t always expect to have the free things every time. Intentionally give to your brand in any way that you can. Give to your team, give to trainings, give to marketing, give to get the right counsels. Don’t hold back when it comes to building your brand. Be assured that all these are investment which will later bring back more than you gave.


We hope you have learnt something from us today. Expect to get more of this to stay updated.

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