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The importance of social media marketing is of high value and various ways has been highlighted to allow for easy flow of various social media practices. Its importance has attracted more and more brands, and businesses continuously search out for tools that will make their social media marketing easy. If your brand has not considered plying this route, then, it is something you should put in your plans. Interestingly, more companies are beginning to invest more in their social media strategies. Here are some social media practices to leverage on which will bring about a turning result in your business.

Personalize your experience.

Personalization is the core of every media strategy. It basically uses data about a person’s insights into who a customer is and how best they can be approached, which will bring about a connection between the brand and the customer. A connection between a person to another person is much more valuable than a connection between a person and a thing. Treat your business as a person and your customers will connect to it as one. This makes a whole lot easier. Most businesses invest more in personalization for their marketing strategy. This practice works a lot. Think about what your customer might be experiencing and create contents that best resonates with them. It is very important to know the personality of your audience and create a personalized experience that is favourable to your customers.


This is a process where technology is used to automate several repetitive task that are undertaken on a regular basis in a marketing strategy. You do not have to be actively online every time but your customers can always feel your presence every time. There are ready-made tools and technologies which will makes your work easier and faster and in fact, allows you to still attend to your customer 24 hours every day. It’s best to know the basis, set the structures and see how it would work for your brand.

Know how best to use each social platforms.

Each platforms has its usage and knowing what each social platforms stands for and how it can benefit your brand is very important. Know what your business goals are and how you can utilize the various platforms to achieve your goals. For example, LinkedIn is a platform for professional networks. Instagram deals more with images and the best way to connect to your customers right there is to create more imagery contents.

Attention grabbing contents.

There are various activities that can be done to attract customers to your business whenever they come across it on any social platform, but the first thing which takes prominence in the attraction are your contents. Contents of emotional connection tends to attract potential customer easily than just any contents. Identify the pain point of your customers and create value contents which they can easily flow with. Let your contents speak directly to them.

Know what your audience want.

Before getting to this point, you must have known your audience. Know who you serve exactly and focus on them because some people can only experience the goodness you have to offer from you. You need to learn everything about them; know what they want, how they want to be served, the platforms they are always in and other interesting thing about them.

Add a call to action.

For every of your contents, do not assume your customer should know what to do. Since you act as a thought leader in your industry, you should be there to guide them on what they should do. Whatsoever action you want your customers to perform, be specific about it.

Use industry-specific hashtags.

Ensure that your hashtags relates to your industry. Do not make the mistake of using hashtags that is not related to what your brand does. Proper hashtags brings your brand closer to your potential customers.


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