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The developmental plans and strategies of many successful brands are majorly directed outside of the four walls. This process is the best strategy for operational brands with the intention to serve a larger audience. As complex as it might seem to be portrayed, the fact that it is time saving and cost effective cannot be overemphasized.

What exactly do we refer to as the four walls?

The four walls refers to the experience within the physical space – the atmosphere, layout, structure, service, impact etc experienced by a customer. The experience within this space is very important because it serves as the primary base. If this foundation is not set right, the experience outside of the wall would not be as palatable as it should be.

The confined space is a separate world on its own with its different approach in getting to its desired position. The operation are basically limited and confined and the result of such activities follows the same pattern. If not, goes slightly further out. Exclusive customer experience also adds flavour to the end goal of any organization.

What then works outside of the four walls?

Digital marketing and technology play a key role in influencing, if not driving the direction of the business and the brand. The best way in going beyond the walls is to make use of available tools and technology in achieving one’s goals. Outside of the four walls is a world of competition where consumers have varieties of choices and can easily get information just at the tip of their working fingers. Every new day is full of new ideas, products, service and this can be accelerated faster and further beyond a physical location.

How this can be achieved

As earlier explained, digital marketing which can also be identified as marketing beyond the four wall is the way to go. There are a wide range of marketing tactics and tools that can be used to generate brand awareness, sales, new foot traffic and repeat customers. Beyond that, there should be clear and specific goals, plans, and objectives.


The activities within the four walls should be really structured and operational. If that is not set in place and one intend to go beyond, it is just like making a joke out of the brand. By within, we mean, do your assignment, draft your brand’s structure, involve your team in all you do, take all necessary trainings you might need, set out a properly aligned vision and purpose etc.


Outside of the four walls, take care of these areas.


Beyond just engaging a fan base, social media has been used to drive traffic and sales beyond the four walls. With each social platforms, companies have experimented new ways of connecting with consumers and even extending their counter. Social media is here to stay and will continue to transform businesses in ways unseen.

Mobile App

This is also gaining prominence as it allows customers to perform various activities at their space and time. It also allow customers to skip the line, pre-order, and to receive access to exclusive items and deals.


Where else would you desired to be seen if not on the internet? Building a website is as having your office space on the internet where millions can access it to see more about your product or services without necessarily coming to your location.

In conclusion, beyond the digital space, ensure that every touchpoint of your customer with your brand is an opportunity to reinforce the brand experience, whether online or offline. People know what they are looking for, when they see it, they will stick with it. Be the BRAND that people stick with. Be a perfect example of a brand that gets the four walls experience right and delivers the brand beyond those walls in a digital world.



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