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How Email Extractors Work And How You Can Get Thousands Of Emails

So if you are a digital marketer, at some point in time you will be in need of a good email list to help grow your business. Usually you will source this list via other website owners or via shady baba’s on the internet.

Other times, you would use a trusty email finder/extractor. But what if I showed you how the email extractor works, and how you can do the extraction yourself? Yes you can extract right now thousands of emails and to begin your email campaign without an email extractor.


Say you are trying to extract gmail accounts for a certain location or time or person with a word in their email. All you do is just go to google and type this

Texas “”

This will give you every person on google directory who has the word texas in the gmail account name. If you wanted to find it across other other emails you can add the following: Texas “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “”

If you want to include all the emails you can say

Texas “” AND “” AND “” AND “” AND “” AND “” AND “” AND “” AND “”. Now testing this you will hit the first problem

How do you extract the emails from the rest of the text on google search?

If you are using google chrome or firefox on pc then this is easy. Go the plugin or extension store for either chrome or firefox and look for email drop or email extractor, install them and activate.
Now go back to the google search and refresh. Email drop will pick up all the emails on the page for you.

You may need to increase your google search results from 10 to 100 via search settings to gather more emails per each google page.

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