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A Non-profit Rebrand at the
Peak of the Pandemic

The Challenge

In March of 2020, Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado found itself at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic was forcing this non-profit to adjust how they provided ground-breaking education and enrichment programs for people living with dementia. They also realized that in order to improve their recognition and (ironically) their memorability, they needed a fresh start with their brand. Their name was too long, and there were several other dementia organizations with nearly identical names and logos.

our plan

PACT AGENCY engaged with the Dementia-Friendly team on a complete brand overhaul while simultaneously helping them spread the word within their community about new ways to connect online in the midst of the lockdowns. Through market research and interviews with internal stakeholders and some of their enrichment program participants, we had the insight we needed to rename, rebrand, and reposition this one-of-a-kind Colorado non-profit. In July of 2020, Dementia Together was introduced. The logo embodied their mission to walk with those living with dementia. And the color palette gave a hearty nod to their legacy brand.


Working with organizations like Dementia Together is a big part of why we do what we do at PACT AGENCY. We believe in helping good people do good work, and that perfectly describes Dementia Together. In May – at the height of the pandemic – the Dementia Together team hosted a Virtual Variety Show via Zoom, featuring a local country music duo playing old favorites that everyone could sing along to. It was a global event, as more than 100 people were in attendance – including a few from Britain and the Yukon Territory. With the new brand identity in place, PACT AGENCY crafted a launch strategy on a limited budget that focused on email and social deliverables to help raise $20,000 through a $10,000 matching donation campaign. As part of the brand-launch strategy, PACT AGENCY rebuilt high-impact pages on their website, put together new Mailchimp and social media templates, and updated their print collateral.